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In 2015 I started using my first traveler’s notebook.  I printed and made my own and used it as a way to keep a record of things we did and also to mark down plans.  My main reason for starting to document was so that when I went to do Project Life I would have a record of what we did to refer to.  Memory Keeping/Documenting is really important to me.  I have been keeping track of the small details and the big events for the last 4-5 years and it has just become something that I do.  I have been able to quickly look back and see what happened in any given week in the last 4-5 years.  Sometimes it makes me wish I would have started documenting years ago!

I have kept up with it the last 3 years, I no longer plan ahead in my TN but always record a little bit for each day.  If I forget to write something down a sticker or a stamp fills the spot! I thought I would share a few of my notebooks!

My current scrapbooking traveler’s notebook.  I have a Lawn Fawn TN cover with pink bows that will house these notebooks.  I tried scrapbooking in a TN last year and couldn’t quite get the hang of it.  I did end up making one for my daughter, but that was pure luck!  I tried again recently and liked the results much more, having scrapbooked for the last year has helped!

Some layouts from this scrappy notebook:

My current daily documenting notebook, I print and make my own inserts and the cover is from Lawn Fawn.

A spread from my current daily documenting notebook using the Maggie Holmes Sticker Book, Paige Evans Sticker Book and a stamp from my stash.  My life is not terribly exciting but I like to look back and get a glimpse of what goes on!

The next one is a bit of a junk journal.  I have an art journal insert and a diary where I write longer stories.  The cover is from Websters Pages and I painted it and then collaged the bird on top!  The cover had a mark on it, so I thought, hey why not try painting it!  It has held up really well.

A page from the junk journal insert.  I make these from old papers, or papers I have painted or tea stained.

This is my 2017 journal.  I used a vintage look through the whole year.  Lots of black and white and nature images.  I made the cover from fabric and lace.  It is still my favorite to hold and look at!  I decided to leave the covers with the inserts instead of re-using the covers.  They seem to have their own vibe and then I don’t have to find a place to store the inserts!

A page from my 2017 journal.

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I'm Lorilei (Lauralee), I am passionate about memory keeping and scrapbooking creatively! I am a home school mom to a brilliant 14 yr old Hannah and happy wife to Chris! We live in rural Alberta and love the outdoors!

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