Happy Place – Journal Studio by Crate Paper

Hello Crate Paper friends! I have to tell you I was so excited when Journal Studio arrived at my house!  The colors are gorgeous, and the collection comes with everything you need to make pages in a traveler’s notebook style!  The cover is soft and sturdy and the notebooks have various page types in them: grid, ruled, blank and dots.  The ephemera is sized perfectly to fit the books and has so many unique items included!

I chose to start with one of the dot paper inserts, it gives you some light guides for placement and helps with the blank page fear of starting!  I printed two 3×3 photos of my creative space and decided to do a spread about my “happy place”!  I adhered the photos in opposing corners to start.  I tend to work in grids in notebooks; it helps me to keep the page looking organized!  I love random placement but it’s not my strong point, so my go to’s are grid and balance.  After I decide on photo placement I choose the next largest items; in the case of this page, I chose the top left framed quote and the floral label and picked spots for those.  To balance the framed quote, I added a large floral to the bottom right page.  The Journal Studio sticker book comes with multiple colors of alpha’s!  Super handy!  I added Happy Place to the floral label.

Next, I moved onto “mid” sized items.  I added the coral washi tape, the best label,  two flower stickers and two stamps from the Good Vibes stamp set.  At this point, I generally like to add journaling.  Over the years I have taken to filling up notebook pages with journaling in the spots leftover, I will write sideways if it fits better!  Today I wrote all about my Happy Place, the journaling is about 2-3 different things about my space and being creative.  I find I can tell multiple small stories because the page is broken up with photos and die cuts.

After journaling, I went through the sticker book and added “the smalls” there are little spots left that are the perfect spot for little hearts, word strips and tiny florals.  It’s a great time to balance out the colors of your spread and finish it off!

Thanks so much for joining me today!  Be sure to have a look at Journal Studio; the inserts are wonderful for memory keeping, journaling, and planning, the sky is the limit!

Sunkissed TN – Hip Kit Club

This week at the Hip Kit Club my assignment was to only use the main kit from June 2018!  The kits are packed full of goodies so it definitely makes it easy!  I decided to make a spread in my scrappy Traveler’s Notebook!

I decided to go with a grid design and chose 2-3 colors to work with, when there are so many choices I find that choosing a scheme up front helps me get something made!  I focused on the warm tones from the Pinkfresh Studio Simple and Sweet collection.  I added the Vicki Boutin stamp from the June 2018 Color Kit to the Pinkfresh frame.  Love this stamp set!!

I did dip into the June 2018 Project Life kit for two of the cards, I couldn’t resist the sun card and sweet floral print.  The cards are great in TN for their small size patterns.

Traveler’s Notebooks

In 2015 I started using my first traveler’s notebook.  I printed and made my own and used it as a way to keep a record of things we did and also to mark down plans.  My main reason for starting to document was so that when I went to do Project Life I would have a record of what we did to refer to.  Memory Keeping/Documenting is really important to me.  I have been keeping track of the small details and the big events for the last 4-5 years and it has just become something that I do.  I have been able to quickly look back and see what happened in any given week in the last 4-5 years.  Sometimes it makes me wish I would have started documenting years ago!

I have kept up with it the last 3 years, I no longer plan ahead in my TN but always record a little bit for each day.  If I forget to write something down a sticker or a stamp fills the spot! I thought I would share a few of my notebooks!

My current scrapbooking traveler’s notebook.  I have a Lawn Fawn TN cover with pink bows that will house these notebooks.  I tried scrapbooking in a TN last year and couldn’t quite get the hang of it.  I did end up making one for my daughter, but that was pure luck!  I tried again recently and liked the results much more, having scrapbooked for the last year has helped!

Some layouts from this scrappy notebook:

My current daily documenting notebook, I print and make my own inserts and the cover is from Lawn Fawn.

A spread from my current daily documenting notebook using the Maggie Holmes Sticker Book, Paige Evans Sticker Book and a stamp from my stash.  My life is not terribly exciting but I like to look back and get a glimpse of what goes on!

The next one is a bit of a junk journal.  I have an art journal insert and a diary where I write longer stories.  The cover is from Websters Pages and I painted it and then collaged the bird on top!  The cover had a mark on it, so I thought, hey why not try painting it!  It has held up really well.

A page from the junk journal insert.  I make these from old papers, or papers I have painted or tea stained.

This is my 2017 journal.  I used a vintage look through the whole year.  Lots of black and white and nature images.  I made the cover from fabric and lace.  It is still my favorite to hold and look at!  I decided to leave the covers with the inserts instead of re-using the covers.  They seem to have their own vibe and then I don’t have to find a place to store the inserts!

A page from my 2017 journal.