You, Me and Happy

I have always loved this photo of my Dad and my daughter, even though it is very dark and not the best quality.  For me scrapbooking is definitely about the memory or the feeling the photos represent!  I layered elements and added paint and gesso for a fun artsy feel!

This layout is a remake of the original that appeared in Canadian Scrapbooker.  I changed the size from 12×12 down to 8.5×11 to fit in my new album.  I find the 8.5×11 so much easier to scrap with and the album is not so huge!


Good Morning Sunshine

Recently I have been more focused on the storytelling part of my scrap booking/memory keeping.   In digital it is so easy to journal and the options seem endless for style and of course fonts.  One of the big drawbacks I have found with paper scrapping is that you really do need to have a good idea of how the page will flow and look before you print out the words.  In order to get a bit of a rhythm going I have done some scrap lifting of layouts I see on Pinterest so that I can get the printed type part down, without making an epic mess  and changing my mind after I print!


For this layout I was inspired by a layout on Pinterest and for the life of me I cannot track it down again for proper credit.  When I find it I will be sure to edit the information here.  Anyway I thought the design and simplicity of the layout was super cute so I took my jumping off point from it.  The two shipping tags I made in Photoshop that closely resemble the ones on the scrap lift layout.  I printed out the tags and cut them as well as printing my type on the scrapbook paper and on the little blue label.  I also decided to add the stamped star and good morning sunshine to my photo in Photoshop before printing it out. Once the printing and cutting were done the fun part started with layers and paper bits and paint!

I love how it turned out and it was well worth all the fussing around to make the page!