Junque Collage Inspiration Board

Last week we started sorting through our trailer full of items we didn’t move into the house at the time we moved a couple years ago.  I found a giant canvas 3′ wide x 4′ high and decided to turn it into a big “pin” board to hang in my studio.  I added all sorts of items and only added things I loved!  I didn’t plan what went where more of an if it fits and looks good it can go in that spot!

I have a box of junque papers that I use when I make journals etc.  it was fun to go through and find left over bits.  I love bits of paper with paint on them,  old vintage papers, fabric scraps just about anything I find pretty goes in the box!

In the bottom corner, I added the peacock paper from the Maggie Holmes Flourish collection, I love that it looks like an old paint by number painting!  I have a huge stack of vintage music books, so a few pieces made it onto the board.

The top corner has some old mixed media papers that were too pretty to throw away but never got used.  I also have a stack of old photos I found at a junk shop and added a few of them too!  I love how it turned out; it was really fun to make!!

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I'm Lorilei (Lauralee), I am passionate about memory keeping and scrapbooking creatively! I am a home school mom to a brilliant 14 yr old Hannah and happy wife to Chris! We live in rural Alberta and love the outdoors!

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