Hey Girl

Last year when I joined Big Picture Classes, I felt like I had walked into the Candy Store of scrapbooking!  The first page I tackled was from Paige’s Pages 11.  I was beyond thrilled that I could make something so cute from a simple little punch and a few embellishments!  I learned quickly that for me, I needed to try and stick to what the talented instructors are trying to teach me and then after practicing the lesson I could then add my own spin.  It was a central part of what had been missing for me as I tried to make 12×12 scrapbook pages,  I had not been patient enough to learn techniques and actually try them as they were.  I have learned so much more than techniques and ideas by slowing down and being willing to be a student.  I have learned more about what I like, what gives me joy in the process and what I am willing to hang up on my walls!

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