DD – Day 21-25

Done!  YAY!  I finished my album on the 27th.  I knew I better get at it and finish up before I left it to gather dust bunnies!  I absolutely loved the experience and the album.  I was completely ready to be done and move on with the project, but I for sure will do it again!  I learned a lot of lessons about memory keeping from doing it!

Day 21 – Kitties and Crafting

Day 22 – Last day of school!!

Day 23 & 24 – Wrapping and more wrapping.  The 24th I woke up to no Interwebs!!  The day was spent playing games, movie watching and crafting, we survived.

Day 25 – YAY!  Christmas Day!  We had a super lovely day and then ate our selves silly with a big supper with all the trimmings!


December Daily® is a project developed by Ali Edwards, you can find out more about it by visiting her website!  Ali’s December Daily albums are a huge inspiration!

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