Creativation 2018

I spent a super exciting long weeked in Phoenix, AZ attending Creativation 2018!  Paige extended an invitation to go and I leapt at the chance!   I arrived Friday afternoon and after getting settled I headed over to the Convention Center.  I took my first Lyft ride and it was great!  I found Paige and we chatted and I oohed and ahhed over the gorgeous new Pick Me Up Collection by Paige Taylor Evans and Pink Paislee. It was amazing to see the whole collection together!!  Can’t wait to get my hands on the stamp set!  I brought along 4 layouts I made with the Pick Me Up papers, it was great fun to see my layout displayed at the show!  Paige and I set off for dinner.  We went to the Taco Guild and the food was fantastic.  I had an early night, which was great after the long day of travelling.

On Saturday I was up and ready and back in the Lyft headed downtown.  I got to the convention center before the show opened and it was so cool to walk around checking out the booths and seeing scrapbook stars!  Pretty soon Missy Whidden arrived and it was like meeting an already great friend!  Love her!  Enza arrived shortly after and she is so delightful and friendly!! Kimberly Hutchison also stopped by the booth, Kimberly owns the Hip Kit Club and I was so looking forward to meeting her!!  I was so happy to meet these lovely women in person!  Paige was just as amazing and friendly as I imagined her to be!  Saturday was busy with all sorts of people coming to the booth.  Paige was kept busy showing her new collection!  Quite honestly the best part of the whole show for me was meeting people.  I tried not to make a fool out of myself but I was a fangirl, hard.  I waved and said hi!!!! to Dyan Reavely a number of times and then when she was out walking with Dina I made my move, Dyan said “oh it’s you!” haha sorry Dyan!  I met the crew from Scrapbook Cards Today Magazine which was a huge thrill!  Everyone is so nice!  I have admired Meghann and Jen Gallacher’s work for a long time, so that was a treat to meet them!  Vicki Boutin had me at hello, she is warm, down to earth and loves to laugh!

Photo: Meghann Andrew / Paige Evans / Vicki Boutin /Dyan Reaveley & Dina Wakley

On Saturday night I trooped around Scottsdalle with this crew until we found a place we could all fit!

Photo: Left to right: Meghann Andrew, Shimelle, Missy Whidden, Me, Vicki Boutin, Catherine Tachdjian, Nicole Nowosad, Paige Evans, Aly Dosdall, Jennifer Gallacher.

On Sunday I was a little slower to start but made it in just before the show opened.  There was more visiting and Missy and Iwalked around the show looking at all the booths!  We stopped for a good long look at Simple Stories, Pinkfresh Studio, Bella Blvd. and Thermoweb.  We watched a few demos being done by Jane Davenport, Vicki Boutin and Tim Holtz at the Ranger Booth.  A few of the American Crafts stars headed home on Sunday night, including Paige!  So sad to see her go!  Kimberly took Missy and I out for a lovely dinner.  Those two can sure tell stories!!

Photo: Andrea Bethke / Nicole Nowosad / Kimberly Hutchison, Missy Whidden / Maggie Holmes, Missy

On Monday I was the last man standing, it was quieter on Monday but still plenty of people visiting the booth, I got to walk people through the Pick Me Up Collection a few times and met retailers from all over the world!  Kimberly stopped by and I helped her take a few product videos for upcoming goodies in the Hip Kits!  The show ended at 4 on Monday and we spent a pretty low key night at the Airbnb house!  Did some packing and then flew home Tuesday!

Photo: Shimelle / Hannah and I travelling/ my layouts / home!!


Creativation 2018 was an awesome experience.  I would go again in a heartbeat, next time I think I would sign up for some of the classes that they offer before the big show as I heard plenty of buzz about how great they were!  Meeting people who have similiar passions and interests is always a great thing!  I came home inspired and ready to scrap!

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