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Hello!  Today I am up on the Crate Paper blog with a craft room tour!  My crafting space is a wonderful get-away for me.  It is at the furthest corner of our basement and quite a long trek if I happen to forget something upstairs where my silhouette and computer is located!  It is nice and cozy in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer.  I have had my crafty spot in three different rooms in the basement so far and finally settled on this room because the natural light is the best and the size of the space works great!

I have two desks that sit together.  My daughter does her crafty shenanigans at the left desk and mine is on the right.  I have a second desk that forms an L that I have used for videos and also to layout collections or pages to dry.  Behind me, I currently have a vintage cabinet that houses my albums and next to that are my expedit drawers with bitsy craft items, punches, planner drawer and a distress ink drawer.  I have a black wire organizer on top that holds my often used tags, doilies and tissue paper. Further down I have a table that my sewing machine and typewriter sits on.  Everything is just a quick chair roll away!

I keep a few containers on my desk as well as an organizer that spins for my stapler, scissors, adhesive and other assorted crafting tools that I like to have within arms reach.  My husband and I put our brains together and came up with a camera rig that could sit above my desk but still swivel out of the way.  We made it out of pipe and pipe fittings.  The horizontal camera pole sits in a piece of wood that has holes for both the vertical and horizontal pipe.  It works really great!

You can see the big metal grid on my far wall in the photo above.  I had the bright idea that I wanted somewhere I could hang things up and change whenever I felt like it, without damaging the drywall.  I ended up purchasing a construction fence panel and hubby figured out how to install it.  The panel is 8′ long by 6′ high.  We have high ceilings in the basement so it worked great!  I love having layouts hanging up there for inspiration!  On the shelves below the grid wall, I have baskets of various page protectors, ribbons etc.  I keep some papers in the Crate Paper desktop storage units (minty ones) that I have.

Raskog carts are the best invention!  I have 4 of them, two that hold mixed media supplies, it is so handy to just pull them over when needed!


I store all my collections in the closet of the room on a mish-mash of vintage shelving.  I have curtains that cover the closet for easy access.  I use the WeRMemory Keepers containers and just pull out whichever scrapbook collection I am using.

Thank you for joining me on a short little tour of my space!!

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I'm Lorilei (Lauralee), I am passionate about memory keeping and scrapbooking creatively! I am a home school mom to a brilliant 14 yr old Hannah and happy wife to Chris! We live in rural Alberta and love the outdoors!

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