Backyard Adventure Mini Album – Paige Evans + Silhouette

Hello!  I am happy to be sharing my mini album today!  The album is 6”x4” and bound using my cinch.  I made the cover with the gorgeous Floral Transparency from Pick Me Up!  For a special touch I made a flower from hand cut circles layered together.  I popped it onto a circle and some gold leaves from the chipboard sheet and added a pretty sequin from the Haberdashery pad.  I added a piece of vellum under the transparency and clipped it with a heart paper clip to make it one page.

Mini albums are so much fun to make!  Using Paige’s cut files add such a unique flair and interest to the mini pages.  Pick Me Up is perfect for mini albums, it has a wide range of possibilities to suit any photos, even simple backyard photos!

I love the simple beauty of the Geometric Feather (Design ID #251071) cut from white paper and decorated with some gold splatters and a fussy cut flower from Paper 2!

Little 2” pockets are fun to decorate with Pick Me Up!!

The Butterfly Cluster (Design ID #252982) cut file is a must have!  Even cut from simple white paper they have a huge impact!  The sweet blue butterfly is from the Haberdashery pad!

I added more butterflies to the back of the tag!!

The Adventure (Design ID #245758) cut file is one of my favourites!  It looks great cut big and small!

I folded a piece of vellum for this page and tucked in the Lined Hearts (Design ID #242200) , the heart from Pick Me Up fit perfectly!!

I cut a square out of the paper I cut all the butterflies from and layered it up with some stickers on this envelope!

I made a page with the leftover transparency and then “sandwiched” the Heart Love (Design ID #243424) in between vellum and stitched it.

I added a tiny gold heart to the back of the cut file on this page.  I think it looks pretty showing through the vellum even if the writing is backwards!

I added the Cross Stitch Heart (Design ID #242188) to the last page.  Instead of having my stitching threads on the back I left them long on the front and tied them in a bow!

A few close-ups of the cut files and cover!

CUT FILES:  Geometric Feather (Design ID #251071) / Adventure (Design ID #245758) /  Heart Love (Design ID #243424) /  Lined Hearts (Design ID #242200)  /  Cross Stitch Heart (Design ID #242188) /  Butterfly Cluster (Design ID #252982)


My page height is 6 1/4″  in order to have separated ring binding you need to do a bit of math to see which pegs to pull out on the cinch and where to set the page stop.  With this size it is pretty easy.  The page stop (black bar that slides out) is fully in and I pulled out pegs 1, 6, 7 and 12 in order to have 4 equally spaced holes.  Be sure to put the top of your page/pages against the page stop when you are punching holes so that they all line up!  I always use a scrap paper to test the holes as well!

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  1. This is just lovely!!! I love all the sweet details. Are you able to explain how you planned/made the split spiral binding? I have a Cinch and would love to re-create what you’ve done. Thank you!

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